I have been taking lessons from Craig for over 20 years.  With his guidance, I became Grand Champion of the 2006 KZOO Radio Karaoke Contest and competed in Japan.  His teaching and his recitals push me to develop greater expression and creativity in my performances.  On top of all that, I have FUN!

Colette Gomoto



Kelsey Pascua recording

Craig is an awesome teacher. He personalizes his lessons based on each individual. He has helped me get to where I've been wanted to be, which is a recording artist/ performer. If you are looking for the best voice instructor, go to Shimizu Voice. Craig is the man, hands down.

Kelsey Pascua, Freshly Brewed

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.21.40 AM"Hold You Tight" (Single) Freshly Brewed


Craig Shimizu is a truly amazing teacher. His patience and encouragement are unending. He has taught me so much about the science behind singing. I learn something new about myself and my voice at every lesson. It's only been a few months, but my voice and confidence has skyrocketed. I went from thinking I might be tone deaf, to looking forward to being able to sing in front of people one day. Craig is one of the most effective an thoughtful teachers I have met.

Treena Y.

Craig is definitely the best man for the job. Craig Shimizu is a phenomenal voice teacher and champion performer. His teaching technique is unparalleled by any other. When you first come in, he assesses your skill level. Then he utilizes his unique toolbox of techniques to steadily improve your voice.

Chris L.

I started taking voice lessons just as a hobby in 2005. I've always loved to sing from when I was a very young child. A former student of Shimizu Voice Studio recommended a friend and I to take lessons from Craig. What started as just a hobby became vocal therapy for me when in 2007, I was diagnosed by two ENT with left vocal cord paralysis. What I thought was just a simple cold turned out to become something very serious. I had hoarseness, constant itchy throat, coughing spasms and eventually difficulty in swallowing and enunciation of certain vowels and consonants. My first ENT referred me to a neurologist, who recommended surgery or work with a speech therapist. The speech therapist did not feel therapy was necessary; she in turn referred me to another ENT. I discussed my condition with Craig. Would it be possible for me to completely close my vocal cords with one side paralyzed? Another concern was would I cause stress to my right vocal cord. I believe the exercises and vocal techniques that Craig encouraged me to perform and practicing on my own have done wonders. It has been five years since my diagnosis and I can definitely say my speech is so much better. I can project the sounds which I had difficulty with, especially the E's and I's. I feel so fortunate to have the perfect teacher to help me improve my voice.

Sue Y.

Craig is an excellent instructor. He makes you feel comfortable and he really listens to all your concerns. I wear a hearing aid and Craig has developed a way to help me hear the melody better. Since Craig is encouraging and enthusiastic, I look forward to my lessons and thoroughly enjoy singing. If you love to sing and want to learn techniques to become a better singer, I highly recommend taking lessons from him.

Clarence H.

Shimizu Voice Studio has taught me many things. I not only learned the right way to sing, but also how to have excellent stage presence. He gives great tips to help you really sing. Thanks to him, I got the lead role as Audrey 2 in my school play. I would recommend Shimizu Voice Studio to anyone that wants to become a performer or just loves to sing and perform. You won't regret it!

Keli O.

I have been with Shimizu Voice Studio for over 10 years. He is one of the best out there. There are so many techniques I've learned over the years as simple as breathing to working specifically on your voice. He has a few recitals every year which gives you that experience of performing in front of big crowds. Everyone treats everyone like family especially at recitals. Every week he is prepared to moved on based on the progress you produce. He is a trained voice teacher and has new techniques for you. I highly recommend Shimizu Voice Studio for any singer.

Dareyn W.

 I have come a long ways with training under Craig.  I now have power in my voice and am able to use my voice in different ways with more control.  I never thought that this was possible, but it is.  Through Craig's unique techniques, I find that my voice is an instrument gaining more and more wonderful qualities and my voice still thirsty for more instruction from this very qualified vocal coach.  I love it because he also teaches me the techniques of performing.

Cheryl S. 

 Before training with Craig, my voice would give out easily and my range was definitely limited. Looking to improve these aspects of my singing, I sought out Shimizu Voice Studios.  The techniques trained here are accessible to all levels of singers, and the training methods when practiced really do yield amazing results, Again, Craig instructs at levels that are helpful for both beginners as well as seasoned vocal performers looking to fine tune or excel. Would definitely recommend.


 If you are a serious performer wanting to learn proper vocal techniques and gain proficient training, Shimizu Voice Studio has the dexterity and vast knowledge to get you to the next level in vocal performance.His teachings trough out my years has inspired me to pursue singing and enhance my ability that God has given me. I have performed in musicals within my church as well as the community through his guidance and practice. His entertaining vocal recitals give students fun experience on stage and the confidence to perform well, connecting to everyone in the audience to leave them with a smile on their face or simply laughing out loud.  Throughout my vocal training I had gone to different studios and teachers for continued knowledge. But I always had gone back to Shimizu Voice Studio because of his ability to analyze specific incorrect/correct vocal muscle movements, which is incredible. I always like to have hour sessions from him because it exercises my correct vocal muscles and trains me to be consistent in my techniques.  My ultimate dream is to work for Disney. I sincerely believe Craig Shimizu will help me realize that.  

Michael C.