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Kasi Nunes, Kings of Spade

Photograper: Justin Orr
Photograper: Justin Orr

Kasi Nunes of Kings of Spade

I have been singing (wailing power rocknroll type singing)  for years and performing on tours with back to back performances that have lasted as long as a month.  I was NEVER professionally trained.  After years of wear and tear on the vocals I noticed it was becoming harder to hit notes with the confidence and strength that I could before.  I also noticed my vocals and throat were sore and felt ragged and raw after performing.  I was losing my voice more often.   Worried I might lose my singing capabilities altogether I signed up for a lesson from Mr. Shimizu.  He pointed out all the areas off tension and strain that shouldn't be there when you are singing.  He taught me how to breathe properly and how to let my breath carry out my notes without forcing it through tension.  I really had no idea how much my bad singing habits were hurting my voice.  After practicing my newly learned technique I saw a HUGE improvement in all areas of my singing.  Most importantly... it didn't hurt to sing anymore.  Thank You Mr. Shimizu!  We just finished another round of back to back rehearsals and touring and my vocals and throat remained happy and healthy.   I got my confidence back vocally which makes a big difference in the performance as well.  I am so appreciative!



Kyle Scholl     Actor/Musical Theatre Vocalist

Craig's technique has taken my voice to the next level.  I am more aware of what my voice is doing and how to use it without causing damage.  Thanks to Craig I am getting more out of my voice than I ever have before with a lot less effort.

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